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Men and the fades they get

Why do men get thier hair faded and is it really important? Yes, yes, yes.

And the reason is very simple no one want's to look bad in the public whether it's at a dinner or a very important meeting. Fades in Frisco, Texas or just as important as a fade in downtown Dallas or Addison, these are the area's where you will find some of the best barbershops in Texas and at these barbershops men need and will find a professional barber that will pay attention to detail so much that it feels like your getting a award-winning fade for a hair show every time you get a haircut and a traditional hot towel razor shave.

At 4770 Eldorado Pkwy suite 500 Frisco, Texas 75034 you will find just that a real celebrity barber thats been true to his craft and transforms each and every clients hairstyle with his shear's and clippers and straight razor. is all you need to book your next appointment and be sure to ask for the clebrity master barber Preston Scott III.

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Upstyles client walking to get a haircut
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