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Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The barbershops in Plano, TX are many these days, and they are not all built the same.


Let's begin with why a barber exist at all.

Hair, Exactly, Hair, like the body, is a form of skin, and skin must be cleaned and kept up or dust and dirt will eventually cause it to start decaying in some form or fashion, just like in tyhe case of the body and not only cleaning but toning the bodyfor a better shape, the hair will also lose its shape causing a person to rely on a professional barber.


In the case of a Master barber or as some may refer to, A Professional barber, humans on earth rely on their barbers to maintain and groom their hair rather facial or head hair needs.


Hair cutting and manicuring, all types of shape-ups to fit the careers and lifestyles of all of us, have and always will be the duty of a Celebrity barber.


Now that we have covered the importance of why the skills they possess have been around since BC to now. Let's discuss why you require the best Professional barbershop in Plano, TX to accomplish those needs.


At 5813 Preston Road, suite # 106 bldg. 554 Plano, TX 75093

You will discover the best fades and hot towel shaves a person could ask for with a master barber by the name of Preston Scott III, with over 30 years of experience in all textured hair types. Whether it be a multicultural barber shop or primarily black barbershop as well, when it comes down to fading, Preston Scott III has and still is the Celebrity Barber you require.


Fading men and shaving technics as well as consulting clients on the condition of their hair and the right products to us to maintain a healthy hair conditions in the case of damage, keeping a more vibrant appearance.


As mentioned earlier in the text, it's an Urban barbershop on every corner with an African American Barbershop atmosphere, but doesn't offer award-winning fades or the best hot towel shaves.


When you're in search of a Celebrity barber that masters the skill of hair cutting, stop in at 5813 Preston Road suite #106 Plano, TX 75093 at Upstyles Fade Waves and Shaves Barbershop LLC.

And see why it matters with Preston Scott III





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Upstyles client walking to get a haircut
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