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Award-winning barbershops and what earns them the title. First thing is the people's choice, yes the people, the public opinion.

When a barbershop has held this type of highly recognized title by popular demand for a long period of time, it’s most likely because they have succeeded in fading all ethnicities. They are very diversified in all hair textures and well experienced in servicing any fades on any head.


Results have always been mentioned at Upstyles Fade Waves and Shaves Barbershop LLC.

And will continue to be our celebrity barbershop's intentions.


A professional barber that can achieve these and many more hair cutting techniques while assessing the state of the client's hair conditions stands a very good chance of being recognized as an award-winning barber.


To maintain hair healthiness and best hair conditions, you must realize it takes an award-winning barbershop that has professional barbers that know these things as well as know they can make suggestions of what products to use to restore the hair if it's damaged for a more vibrate healthy state.


Now that we have somewhat discussed what and why the public calls a professional barbershop an award-winning barbershop, let's talk about a well known barbershop by the name of Upstyles Fade Waves and Shaves Barbershop LLC. And the diversity of its clientele base.


Most people in Plano,Texas and all of Upstyles client’s know that Preston Scott has been living up to his title as the best award-winning barber in Plano for over 15 plus years. He fades and cuts all textured hair types, no matter what ethnicity.

Doing so with no prejudice, no matter if its an African American barbershop in Plano, TX or an Urban Barbershop in Frisco, Texas. Everyone comes to the best barbershop that has diversity in its clientele and the skill to handle their hair needs.

At Upstyles Professional barber shop located at 5813 Preston Road suite# 106 Plano, TX 75093  (972)765-8360  you will find this and more of what makes an award-winning barbershop recognized

as one by the public.



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